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Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

Roofing as well as the complete exterior make-up of a home are big contributors to the greenhouse effect. The way a roof is designed and angled can have a huge impact on how much heat is reflected back to the atmosphere. Moreover, roofing options without proper insulation can increase the energy consumption of a household during extremely hot and cold days. Some of these Eco-Friendly options for your home which we will present below can easily be done yourself if you are handy. Green exteriors which use actual plants can be a lot of fun for DIY’ers and their families. You can all cover the top of your home with lots of greenery together. Other Eco-Friendly options for your home will be a bit trickier and may require the help of a professional licensed contractor.

It is important to choose roofing options that are friendly to the environment. With increasing concern on the effects of greenhouse gasses to the environment, many construction companies have started offering Eco-friendly alternatives for consumers. Whether you are having a new house built or you are undergoing major roofing renovation for an old structure, you might want to consider these Eco-friendly roofing options to lessen your household’s carbon footprint:

  1. Reclaimed Wood or Recycled Shingle Roof

Using recycled materials for your roofing is a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Using biodegradable reclaimed wood or recycled shingles made from a combination of recycled waste like rubber, wood, and plastic are not only cheaper but you’ll also be helping reduce the country’s waste problem. By using recycled materials, you won’t have to tap into new resources to build. If you don’t want to have to deal with the fire hazards of reclaimed wood, recycled shingles have better fire ratings.

  1. Tile or Reclaimed Clay

Tile roofing is a suitable option for houses in warmer climates. Tile is not only extremely durable but because they are dense and heavy, they provide additional insulation for houses.

Since tile and clay tend to be a lot more expensive than other roofing options, a cheaper and greener solution would be to use recycled tiles.

  1. Actual Greenery

True green roofing is not only Eco-friendly but even aesthetically pleasing to look at. A green exterior in an urban area can significantly lessen the heat-island effect. However, since green roofing requires actual plants to be planted on the exterior of your home, you’ll likely need additional support for the weight of these plants. This can be quite expensive especially if you also have to change your roofing structure to accommodate the addition of plants.

Green exteriors have many benefits. Aside from providing excellent insulation, you’ll also benefit from fresher air in your home.

  1. White Roof

It is a known fact that the lighter the color of your roof, the better its insulation properties. Since lighter colors reflect the light from the house, a white roof can significantly lessen your energy consumption on really hot days. When choosing a white roof, however, make sure that the materials are also Eco-friendly. Although the Asphalt market has began to work on greener options many avoid asphalt-roofing materials since they are not recyclable. You can opt for recycled shingles or metal roofing instead.

  1. Rubber

Rubber is perhaps the number one recycled material used for roofing. Shingles made out of reinforced rubber are not only cost-effective but they also provide superior insulation. They also come in a wide-range of colors so you don’t have to limit your style options. Most rubber roofing comes with longer warranty periods.

Before choosing any of the aforementioned roofing options, make sure to check with a green roofing contractor in your county to find out if your home’s structure can support these materials. You should also check if these materials are allowed in your area, especially if you live in cities with strict building codes.

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