Always make sure to find a service that offers the best combination of price and warranty. Always make sure you are receiving a fast & free in-home estimate. Any quality home exterior company will provide Roofing, siding, roof leak repair & gutter cleaning services. If they do not offer one of these services it could be they are not that experienced and should not be hired. That’s because any contractor that’s been around the block a few times will already know how to fix anything related to the exterior of a home. Always make sure your contractor  top rated, fully licensed and bonded. Most counties or cities will have contractor license lookup websites that you can easily find on Google. In fact, if you want to really make sure your contractor has experience, I would ask him if he performs all the work in the list below. This is important because if something on the exterior of your home has a rare or unique problem you need to have someone right for the job. Here is the list:

  • Residential roofing installations, repair and maintenance services
  • Commercial roofing services
  • Roofing inspections
  • Architectural shingle services
  • Metal Roofing solutions
  • Plywood repair and replacement services
  • Complete roof removals
  • Shingle maintenance and repair services
  • Skylight installations and repair services
  • Roof fans and vents
  • Ridge caps and flashing services
  • Flashing and fascia roofing solutions

Again, make sure to ask about seasonal and yearly roofing maintenance plans that can save you thousands of dollars when the stormy seasons arrive. Don’t pay now and dream that everything will be fine later. Proper maintenance is the secret to the longevity of a roof. Simple inspections and cleanings can identify issues that can be fixed for cheap at the time yet would cause major damage if a storm hit.

It would also be nice to find an environmentally safe roofer as our earth is important to us. Being Eco-Friendly, providing high quality, great warranties, having great reviews and being affordable are all important aspects to find in your potential roofing company. Good luck in all your renovations and we wish your home all the best.